journey to nowhere

Zildjian Artist Arthur Ossipov

«Journey to Nowhere»
the prosaic libretto

Astral – a world of spirits, which will never become human at the behest of the Great Metacosmos Architect.

The Spirits have no soul. Therefore, they cannot get, what can be achieved by mortal souls. Therefore, the spirits in their astral world continuously hunts for the lost human souls, stacking them at a special place (The Black magic hole), to make use of what is the human soul. According to the rules of hunting the energy of a human lost soul can only be used by the spirit to whom the human gave his name. In return, the spirits are willing to help a person to get whatever he or she wants in earthly life. To invite a human to the astral world spirits use a unique melody. (Invitation – opus # 1)

JTN song list

In the medieval Mediterranean town a young orphan boy of twelve meets a sentinel astral spirit (The Wizard – opus # 2), who invites him to board the ship (The Ship from the distant land – opus # 3), which will take him to his dream of a better world. For the boy the choice is obvious. (Drifter – opus # 4)


For lost souls searching on the Earth spirits have a special order. Sentinel spirit (The Wizard) looked as an old rich and trustful man constantly is looking for the soul which is unsettled earthly life and invites his or her to board the ship (astral ferry) to a distant country, where one can find what he wishes for.

At the same time, sentinel spirit do not inform the traveller about conditions of such a “kindness.” Nobody is coerced to go on a journey by force. This voluntarily choice of the person who needs to understand that just nothing happens for free and sooner or later, but for everything one must to pay something.

But our hero – just a lonely boy, deprived of parental love and who did not see anything in this life except the oppressive rage and endless poverty …

On the ship (legendary “Flying Dutchman”), Captain calls the boy “Drifter” and sailed with him to the Island of Mist (The Island of Mist – opus # 4), which Wizard had talked about. As soon as the ship set canvas, Drifter noticed, that the stars in the sky froze and the ship though, it moved with inflated sails stopped to dissect the water. This ship could not stick to any shore except one island – Island of Mist. – a harbor of the astral world.

This time all spirits, rejoicing that his next victim is on its way joyfully singing their favorite song (Black candle waltz – opus # 6). Black candle lit by a spark when the Great priest of the Astral cuts the time for the human traveller to be able to see and feel the world in which he will find himself.

Once the journey began, spirits immediately know about it and prepare to meet a lost soul in their world. (Spirits marsh – opus # 7)

Landing the drifter on the island, the captain promises to return for him in a year and suggests to him the way to the magical Well which can answer the questions (The Wishing well – opus # 8). Drifter finds the Well and refers to it with his question. Well tells him that “where time runs no one knows”, but suggests that the answer may be found in the Town of Shadows, to which led the road from the Magic Crystal Sand.

Well also strictly warns drifter that in any case he should not tell his name to no one. And as a guide for drifter on his run there is a shadow that it will point the way to that city. With this in mind, Drifter was wandering through the mirror road followed by a flying shadow.

In the dark of the City of Shadows he sees many homes, but they do not have windows or doors (Town of Shadows – opus # 9). There is no one to talk too and no one to ask.

Passing over uselessly through the Town of Shadows (Long run – opus # 10), and continuing to follow the path of the magic mirror sand (Dark way – opus # 11) Drifter meets a real kind of spirit – a Leprechaun. (The Leprechaun – opus # 12 (Italian lyrics). Leprechaun offers help to Drifter but realized the futility of his attempts to find out the name of the person, is toddling away absentmindedly leaving his eye – a crystal ball and a map of the island-country (Sanctum land), inscribed on the skin of a rattlesnake (rattlesnake skin map).

Peering into the ball Drifter sees an unfamiliar and amazing Ivory Castle (Temple of Doom – opus # 13) and continuing on his way. (The world of madness – opus # 14) Soon he meets a huge Black widow spider. (Black widow aria – opus # 15) Spider tells him the story of his journey and offers to help him in exchange for his name (Spider – opus # 16).

Drifter remembers that had been told by the Wishing Well (Do not talk to strangers tonight – opus # 17) and silently parted with spider, continues his path with the Leprechaun’s map to Deadly town, where he is sure is the Temple of his Doom – certain place where everything should be done.

Passing surly through the Dead City (Deadly town – opus # 18), under the solemn singing of spirits, in the downtown he sees a castle on a distant hill, exactly the same as shown to him by the crystal ball.

Spirits continue their hunting and singing a song about a Deadly town and their Queen – the beautiful and mighty three-eyed woman. They wonder why the rebellious human soul does not want to take their world of peace and grandeur, which has everything you need for immortality and happiness. Soloist in the choir is the Queen of the Spirits. She complimented her third eye, which allows to see what spirits nor human can see. (Third eye – opus # 19)

Drifter is directed towards the castle, but suddenly he heard his name. He turns around and sees the strange beauty of the three-eyed woman – the Queen of the Astral world. His eyes were glued to her face. He is paralyzed by fear but do not taking his eyes off her neither saying a word, he goes out slowly with a cooling strange feeling of emptiness inside him.

On the outskirts of the city Drifter finds an old chapel with a cracked mirror. He is terribly surprise when in the mirror he sees the reflection of a very old, grey haired man.In this moment he understands that he does not feel his heart. There is no heartbeat. There is no heart at all. (She stole my heart away – opus # 20)

Heartless Drifter continues his way, and looking at approaching Castle, hears the voice of the Well, which tells him what’s going on. (Monologue – opus # 21) He realizes that the castle, which he sees certainly is the temple of his fate.


Castle of Ivory (or Ivory Castle) – is not only a sanctuary of spirits where they are going to loot. This is a place that belongs to everyone in Astral. Thus, anyone can declare himself a master of it. For human this Castle was the last point of travel if bargain with the spirits don’t deal before ahead. No one before ever reached this place. Drifter has not given his name, yet thus he must make his own and last choice in this Castle.

Therefore, for our hero this place seems to be like the Castle of his fate. Inside, the Castle has a lot of mirrors, allowing everyone to implement the choice given to him by the prime cause of its appearance in the astral world. For that it is quite enough just enter into the proper mirror and immediately the choice is implemented 

Behind each mirror another reality awaits for one who passes through it. For Drifter could see this diversity of the choices – mirrors, The Queen, once took his heart, gave him a third eye (Magic atom) instead. Otherwise, all sense of venture-travel will be lost.

Drifter must make his top pick. But the spirits bringing Drifter in their abode and not earning for themself good luck, as a last resort, they are ready to take his lost soul by their own rules – in whose mirror he will go, to what spirit would belong the energy of his forever lost soul.

Entering the Castle, gray-haired Drifter sees, that inside all its interior decoration and architecture looks like a billions of mirrors. The Wizard promised getting up in the center of the hall, he asked the Castle to show him the world whish to him by the Wizard.

After his first words, the mirrored walls of the temple begin to shrink around him, and in every mirror he saw not only the spirit whom he met on his way but also many others astral creatures. Realizing his position, Drifter suddenly sees a small crystal ball, which is reflected in a small clear mirror silver frame. In desperation, with his eyes closed, he steps into it ….

Next moment not feeling the beat of his heart, and opened his eyes, Drifter sees himself in the same place where he started his desperate journey and in the distance, disappearing in the rays of the rising sun, silhouette of a ship of ghosts. (The Ivory castle – opus # 22)

Early in the morning he came back to his hometown. For everybody he was no one else, but just a toddled gray-haired old man. Drifter was very surprised that he remembered everything, but his friends and neighbors do not recognize him. He doesn’t know yet, that for his hometown people only one night just passed by…

Meanwhile, deceived grim community of spirits reminds him that the deal is not completed. They declare that he got what he was owed (third eye), but they got no what he must give them instead (his name). (Lessons of fate vol. 1 (spirits view) – opus # 23)

Continuing to think about what happened to him, old man returns to his home and realizes that now he perceives reality by the third eye, received in the Astral. (Lessons of fate vol. 2 (Drifter view) – opus # 24) Now he can see what ordinary human cannot see.

A sudden knock on the door interrupted the old man thought. On the threshold he sees a beautiful young woman (Cascawella – opus # 25). Astral Queen arrived in the world of human, named Drifter as slave of darkness, who left his heart in a distant world of spirits. After her words she turns into a huge white rattlesnake and crawls away.

She also told Drifter that in any human life there could be many things that can be changed, including the name, but by not changing his heart, a person cannot change his life.

The giant snake crawled away, but she left a small silver broken cross, pointing out, that with the help of it, Drifter can get back into the astral world, to complete the unfinished deal with her. (Rattlesnake – opus # 26)


The final symphonic composition (Farewell walk – opus # 27) is a medley and it symbolizes the memory of a man, who remembers everything that happened to him, before he must return to find and take back his own heart from a gloomy astral world.


Frank Whip

Frank Whip

“I met Dima for the first time in the late nineties in Moscow and we instantly hit it off and quickly became good friends. He was one of the two officers from the KGB 9th Department who in the history of the department was presented with cufflinks from the American Presidents, Dima is the President of the Russian Association of Bodyguards and asked me to join the organisation to help develop international relations for which I was honoured to accept, he had contracts to work with the world’s largest corporations on personal protection.

Our joint activities culminated in the establishment of the “Grey Shadow’s international bodyguard club” to help people avoid problems by giving them a platform to discuss security with the experts.

And when he asked me to edit the text of several songs I was only too happy to oblige. Even more so I was surprised by the quality of the texts themselves. They were English words with Russian sense and each of them was like some kind of fairy tale, but in a sense they were part of the whole.

By the end of 2013 all the texts for “Journey to Nowhere” was modified, along with the musical libretto. The band got its name from the club’s bodyguards.

I’m sure the guys achieved a unique sound. I would call it a modern opera, but they consider it a fantasy. What is it really – you have to judge yourself

Frank Whip 

The President of the “Grey Shadow’s International bodyguard Club”